GSTIN :07AASCS2460H1ZO - Name : Mishmash Education Services Private Limited AND ASSOCIATES - User : Tax Payer

Dash Board for Last 7 Days

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EWBs cancelled by me
02-05-2023 1
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EWBs Gen. by other party on my GSTIN
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EWB pending for Part-B updation
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Latest Updates
  1. 2 Factor Authentication(2FA) will be made mandatory after couple of weeks. If you are operating e-waybill system from multiple locations and with single credential then please create sub-users immediately.
  2. De-enrolment for Transporters: The transporters registered in e-Waybill Portal using Enrolment (based on PAN) and no longer want to continue in e-waybill system can now de- enrol themselves in the e-Waybill System. Once de-enrolled, they will not be able to access the e-Waybill portal. So, any enrolled transporter willing to de-register in EWB system can make use of this facility. Once de-registered, the Transporter Id cannot be used in e-Waybills. Also, the Part-B details cannot be updated for the de-registered Transporter Id.
  3. Cancellation of Common Enrolment: Some of the taxpayers have done common enrolment but do not want to continue with common enrol Id for whatever reason. Such taxpayers can cancel the same. So, a facility to de-register from common enrolment is provisioned. Taxpayers can make use of this facility to de-register. Once, the common enrolment Id is cancelled, consequently, it cannot be used to update the transporter details. However, the Part-B details can be updated for the EWBs that are already assigned with common enrolment Id before the cancellation. A time limit of 1 month will be provided after the cancellation of common enrolment. Subsequently, the login will be blocked and no further activity can be performed in the e-Waybill system. Once the common enrol id is cancelled, the user can again login using the credentials of his/her GSTIN and generate e-waybills.